Monday, October 20, 2008

"Situation hopeless; off for Wimbeldon finals."

Well, the financial issues which I thought were merely extremely acute and serious, turn out to be slightly worse than that.

Basically: I currently have $3 cash in my wallet, and maybe around $5 in loose change in various places. My checking account is overdrawn up to (and slightly past) my overdraft limit. My credit cards are all more than maxed. I have some gas fumes in the tank of my car. My larder holds approximately one jar of peanut butter and some condiments. I don't get paid for at least five days -- more probably eight -- and, even if I get the maximum I think I can reasonably expect, it still won't bring my bank account balance above zero. But in fact, it's worse than that, since unless I can find at least a little cash, I can't do the rest of the work I have scheduled owing to the aforementioned lack of gas in the car. I've borrowed about as much money as I can from friends and family, I think, and had a salary advance from my employer. I've got an outstanding cash advance from one of those "payday loan" places. And I've just discovered that the only expendable possession immediately available (my digital camera) isn't worth enough to be able to pawn.

Suggestions for immediate action would be strongly welcomed.

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Anonymous said...

Hey E.Q. - MapleLeaf here.

Perhaps you need to go to one of those credit agency charities. I don't know if they have them where you are. But here there is a company called "Credit Canada" that is a charity that basically finds ways to rearrange your credit cards and loans and bills and stuff so you don't drown and can manage to pay everything off eventually. And they're free 'cause they're a charity.

Take a look around. And good luck!