Thursday, April 30, 2009

Freeway trouble

So yesterday afternoon, around 3:15 or so, I'm coming home from an errand, heading south on the 805 freeway, when there's a backup approaching the transition ramps to I-15. When I get close enough, I see the ramps are closed due to an accident; it's being cleared, but there's a car on the ramp turned sideways to the direction of traffic.

Not all that unusual. But today, again returning home from an errand, this time about 11:00 AM, there's another accident, on the same transition ramp, this time blocking only part of it, but again, involving a car turned sideways -- and this time rolled onto its side, as well.

By my calculations, therefore, if I take that route at 6:45 AM or so tomorrow, there should be another accident, but this time with the car actually rolled over onto its back.

Seriously, kind of odd. I've used that transition ramp before and never thought it to be particularly hazardous. If I use it any time soon, though, I will definitely use a little extra caution.

Monday, April 20, 2009

So what do you do...

...when the only thing you really seem to want out of life is impossible? And I don't just mean unlikely, I mean physically and temporally impossible. Stop wanting it? My fear is that if I do that, then I won't really want anything. There won't be anything left. What then? Just quit?

Obama smiles at Chavez

So all over the place today, Republicans and others are up in arms about the fact that President Obama met with Hugo Chavez, and (gasp) shook his hand, and even (OMG) smiled at him...

I can totally understand this. Chavez has said many bad things about the US.

Fortunately, we know that no Republican would even meet with, let alone shake hands with, smile at, or be pleasant to the leader of a country that might be our enemy, would he?

No, that couldn't happen. Any more than former POW John McCain might go back to Viet Nam or try to improve our relations with that country. Nope, never.